SQLWATCH 2.5 is now available

  • Fixed an issue where table utilisation was not being collected for databases other than SQLWATCH. As all tables are being processed now, the execution time for [dbo].[usp_sqlwatch_logger_disk_utilisation_table] may increase considerably. Please test it in your environment first.

In case you have missed 2.4 update, there have been a lot of changes:

  • Many bug fixes and improvements behind the scenes.
  • ERRORLOG collection. Define keywords you’d like to monitor in [dbo].[sqlwatch_config_include_errorlog_keywords]
  • sys.configuration audit to track configuration changes.
  • Changes to the initial SQLWATCH configuration:INFO messages will NOT be logged by default to reduce the size of the [dbo].[sqlwatch_app_log] table.
  • [dbo].[sqlwatch_app_log] retention changed to 7 days
  • batched up [dbo].[sqlwatch_app_log] retention to prevent blowing up the transaction log
  • Initial integration with DBACHECKS to be able to show failed checks on the SQLWATCH dashboard.
  • Fixed trends job that was spilling to tempdb and blowing it up.
  • Improved date hierarchy on the dashboard that now allows selecting year->month->day->hour->minute
  • Tested with Power BI May 2020 release.

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