Free SQL Server Monitor

Open Source and free, even for commercial use, decentralised SQL Server Performance Monitoring. Each server monitors itself. Because every environment is a production environment for someone.

Free SQL Server Monitor Power BI Dashboard


Simple installation

The simplest way to install SQLWATCH is with dbatools.The one-liner that will download the most recent version from GitHub, deploy database, deploy SQL Agent Jobs, deploy necessary configuration and and reference data to single or all your SQL Servers. There are different ways available too. Check out our Documentation and the Getting Started Page

Install-DbaSqlWatch -SqlInstance YourSqlServer
Zero maintenance

SQLWATCH was built to help you monitor all your environments, not to become another thing to worry about. It has been designed with set and forget approach. Written in T-SQL, no additional, servers, hardware or VM provisioning required.

Configurable retention periods allow you to customise how long to keep collected data for.

Configurable collectors and customisable exclusions allow selective monitoring for servers where comprehensive monitoring is not feasible or possible.


Each server monitors itself and alerts when required. No additional monitoring services or central servers to worry about, no additional VMs to be provisioned, no agents to install. An optional central repository database available for central reporting.

Perfect for large environments, consultants or application vendors that do not have 24/7 access to the client network. You can collect data from remote instances into central repository every few minutes, every few days or never. It’s up to you.

Alerts and Reports

SQLWATCH comes with Power BI reports and also offers customisable and flexible reporting engine that can deliver HTML based reports via email, save to a shared drive or push to a HTTP service. Reports can be triggered on schedule for daily or weekly environment overview or event driven triggered by a specific action. Learn more about Alerts

Azure Log Monitor

Push collected data to Azure Log Monitor. Get best of both worlds, mix on-premise with Cloud. Use Power BI for detailed performance analysis and leverage Azure for availability monitoring – Stop worrying about SQL Agent going down – set Alerts in Azure to email when data is not received on time.


We have a fantastic community that helps with development and testing. SQLWATCH is currently monitoring over 10000 instances all over the world.

Join our #slack channel in the SQL Community Slack: or get invite:


Fully customisable and flexible PowerShell based action engine allows almost unlimited integrations including HTTP calls, launching programs and executing T-SQL queries, Sending emails, real-time notifications to Pushover, Slack and other, Saving files to shared drives and more. Learn about Actions.


Designed with minimal overhead in mind. SQLWATCH utilises Extended Events to collect sessions and transactions of interest. Remaining collectors such as Performnace Counters, and DMVs are collected on schedule, every 1 minute. Disk utilisation, Index Statistics are collected less frequent, every 1 or 6 hours.

Free SQL Express

Works with the free SQL Express Edition leveraging Windows Task Scheduler to invoke data collection. SQL Express can also be used as a central repository to collect data from remote instances. Perfect option for Remote DBA companies that want to monitor customers’ environents without having to purchase additional SQL Server license.


SQLWATCH Monitoring utilises SQL Server built-in scheduling mechanism – SQL Server Agent Service. No third party applications or services required. The Re-try mechanism improves recovery from potential failures.

Open Source

Completely Open Source. MIT licensed, free SQL Server Monitor even for commercial use. Hosted on GitHub with Pull Requests welcome from everyone! For it now and get involved!


Built completely in Visual Studio Data Tools using pure T-SQL and bit of PowerShell. Every SQL Server DBA or Developer will be able to understand, tweak and extend the code

How it works

1. Collect

Each server collects its own, pre-defined, high-granularity performance metrics.

2. Store

Stores collected data in a local database optimised for long term storage and minimal performance overhead.

3. Check

Check engine ensures all performance metrics as well as custom measures are within the thresholds.

4. Action

Raises alerts or triggers actions for failed checks and metrics that breach the set thresholds.

5. Report

Analayse Performance data using provided PowerBI Dashboard or get emails with schedueld reports.

6. Archive

Aggregates high granularity data and archives for long term storage and long term analysis.

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