How to send notification to Microsoft Teams

I have been meaning to write how to integrate SQLWATCH with different platforms for a long time. Recently a very kind person bought me a coffee and said they have implemented Microsoft Teams integration which motivated me to finalise it. Hi Marcin,  love your work, just startet to rollout the

Security considerations for deploying SQLWATCH in production

I get a lot of emails with concerns that some of you have very strict security and locked-down environments which prevent you from installing SQLWATCH. At the same time, some of you would have preferred the central repository to connect directly to the remote instance and pull data out of

The impact of aggregation on data granularity and the observability

I recently came across a tweet by Brent Ozar who touched on a very important aspect of performance monitoring. A subject that is not always well understood and can lead to misleading results. The impact of aggregation on granularity and thus observability. Brent’s tweet inspired me to try and explain

How does monitoring affect your server?

The observer effect is a term used in physics and it means that observing a phenomenon changes that phenomenon. Therefore, an object that is being observed, is looking different to the same, not observed object. How is this possible? In physics, this is to do with photons and electrons. An

SQLWATCH needs your help #SQLFamily

Hey SQLWatchers, First of all, thank you for the growing community and for using SQLWATCH. SQLWATCH has reached over 10000 downloads. This does not include source code downloads and offline installations. I am myself aware of many places that download the release or source code once and deploy to their

Cards in Microsoft Teams Notifications with action templates

In the previous post, I have explained how to configure SQLWATCH To send simple, plain text notifications to Microsoft Teams. Today, we are going to look at how to send formatted cards: Action templates Formatted cards require slightly more complex JSON structure and for that reason, we are going to

How to send notifications to Slack

Some time ago we discussed how to send notifications to Microsoft Teams: In this post, we are going to look at doing the same with Slack. The only difference between these two platforms is in the payload they expect. Beyond configuration of the correct action, the action association process is

Deploy SQLWATCH with dbatools

I am happy to announce that thanks to our fantastic SQL Server Community it is now possible to deploy SQLWATCH using dbatools. If you work with SQL Server and are not familiar with dbatools you should check it out now, it will change your DBA life forever. With dbatools we can

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