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Security considerations for deploying SQLWATCH in production

I get a lot of emails with concerns that some of you have very strict security and locked-down environments which prevent you from installing SQLWATCH. At the same time, some of you would have preferred the central repository to connect directly to the remote instance and pull data out of it. Let’s discuss this problem. Architectural principles I have designed it with disparate environments in mind to address a couple of problems that other monitoring solutions introduce. Decentralised It means that, by design, it works in complete isolation, in disparate environments, demilitarized zones (DMZ), in the context of localhost, and

The impact of aggregation on data granularity and the observability

I recently came across a tweet by Brent Ozar who touched on a very important aspect of performance monitoring. A subject that is not always well understood and can lead to misleading results. The impact of aggregation on granularity and thus observability. Brent’s tweet inspired me to try and explain the matter in more than 160 characters. I will also touch on how SQLWATCH tries to deal with this problem. I have already blogged about time intervals and the impact on observability back in 2018. However, I did not go into details: What is data granularity Simply speaking, granularity is

SQLWATCH needs your help #SQLFamily

Hey SQLWatchers, First of all, thank you for the growing community and for using SQLWATCH. As of January 2020, SQLWATCH is about hit over 7700 GitHub Release downloads. This does not include source code downloads and offline installations. I am myself aware of many places that download the release or source code once and deploy to their servers. The total instances monitored by SQLWATCH is exceeding well over 10000. Thank you! The more users we have the better the product will become. Bugs Firstly, I would like to ask you to keep raising bugs and share ideas, suggestions and even

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