SQLWATCH 2.3 is now available

Version 2.3 brings a number of bug fixes and improvements:

  • [Bugfix] Fixed an issue where agent jobs would not be alerted on in different time zones.
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a PK violation for tables with compressed and uncompressed indexes (i.e. column store and row store).
  • [Bugfix] Fixed handling of US date formats.
  • [Bugfix] Fixed collector timeout error.
  • [Bugfix] Fixed arithmetic overflow in dbo.vw_sqlwatch_report_fact_whoisactive
  • [Bugfix] Fixed FK violation in dbo.sqlwatch_logger_repository_import_status
  • [New] Aligned naming of config procedures. They should now be more transparent.
  • [New] Removed index compression indicator from table entity as this is reported in the index entity
  • [New] Excluded model database from default collection.
  • [New] Moved off sp_MsForEachDb.
  • [New] Improved logging.
  • [New] Implemented database inclusion and exclusion to match Ola Hallengren standard: Include only databases: @Database = 'DB1,DB2' or exclude specific database: @Database = '-DB3'. This is on top of existing exclusions specified in config tables and is is useful for ad-hoc runs.

In case you have missed 2.2 update…

Quite a few good things happened in the 2.2. release:

  • [New] functionality to raise alerts and send notifications (email, push) or perform remedial actions
    • Fully customisable and parameterised alerting engine with configurable templates
    • Self-checking mechanism with a number of pre-configured checks to ensure optimum SQL health.
    • Template-based reporting functionality to send scheduled reports with a number of preconfigured reports.
  • [New] Ability to push collected data to the Azure Log Monitor
  • [New] trend tables for very long term storage 2+ years with a reduced storage utilisation
  • [New] Table size and row count collector
  • [New] Baselines – the ability to display the same metrics offset by 1 day, 1 week or 1 month on the same dashboard.
  • [New] Explicit exclusions to be able to exclude certain databases and tables from the collection
  • [New] Explicit inclusions for the heavy collectors such as index histogram collection to only collect selected objects rather than everything – exclusion.
  • [New] Ability to use Windows Task Scheduler to invoke collectors to make it work on SQL Express Edition and to use SQL Express as a central repository.
  • [New] Ability to use the Linked Server instead of SSIS to pull data into the central repository.
  • [Bugfix] fix handling of timezones.
  • [Bugfix] allow indexes with the same name exist in different databases.
  • [Bugfix] detect sp_whoisactive installed in the SQLWATCH database.
  • [Bugfix] fix disk size overflow error on large disks.
  • [Bugfix] fix formatting of storage units thank you PierreLetter.
  • [Bugfix] fix SQL version not being pulled into the central repository
  • [Bugfix] fix name of the SSRS database thank you halinegv
  • Number of other improvements and tweaks
  • Aligned wait stat categorisation with the tigertoolbox

As always, the easiest way to deploy SQLWATCH is with dbatools:

Install-DbaSqlWatch -SqlInstance server1

If you are new to SQLWATCH please check out our documentation portal: https://docs.sqlwatch.io

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