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Those who closely follow this blog and myself will know that SQLWATCH and thus this blog were an offshoot of my original blog, firstly at https://marcingminski.com and then https://marcin.gminski.net. It all started with this post https://marcin.gminski.net/blog/sql-server-performance-dashboard-using-powerbi/ and this is how SQLWATCH was born and how I ended up with essentiall two blogs in the same field.

The original idea was to limit SQLWATCH posts to only release announcments and ocassional posts about how SQLWATCH works with the rest of the SQL Server related content being posted on my “personal” blog.

In early 2020 I also built Data Community Events Aggregator to help find all the various online events happening during the pandemic.

It is too much and too expensive to maintain!

To help me focus on what matters (you, dear SQLWATCH’er) and to have less distraction I am putting all the eggs into one basket and shutting down my other websites. You can already find Community Events at https://sqlwatch.io/events and will move some posts from my original blog.

SQLWATCH was always about monitoring SQL Server and educating you about SQL Server performance and management and I hope this change will provide you with more useful content. I will continue posting SQLWATCH relevant content here but you may also ocassionally find a post about something else that I find interesting.

Have a good, data-corruption-free weekend!


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    Diego Bernal 23rd November 2021 at 21:51 - Reply

    Thanks Marc!!

    • SQLWATCH a1929ece64de0517e67d5f5a423b7ec3?s=54&d=mm&r=g
      Marcin Gminski 23rd November 2021 at 22:08 - Reply

      You are welcome!

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