Eco Friendly SQL Server Observability

SQL Servers are at the heart of every business. Issues can lead to outages, prolonged downtimes, and revenue loss.
SQLWATCH gives you eyes on efficiency, security, and configuration, with real-time dashboards and regular analysis reports and planting some trees! All of this without breaking the bank!

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Meet the SQLWATCH family

24/7 Monitoring and Observability


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Stay on top of your SQL Server Estate

Get all your SQL Servers on a single screen for better visibility.

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Performance Data

Collects performance data for issue solving, debugging, trend analysis, performance optimisation and cost reduction.

Configuration Audit

Tracks configuration changes and provides configuration recommendations based on your actual workload.

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Issue tracking

Our API collects and analyses SQL Server’s ERRORLOG and provides insight into security, performance and stability issues.

Make your SQL Servers green.

We already use Eco-Friendly Data Centre, so SQLWATCH’s carbon footprint is already low, but we want to do more for your servers, too.

Your database servers consume a lot of energy, which results in CO2 production. Most Data Centres already offset substantial amounts of CO2; however, we would like to do our bit, too, and you can be part of it.

We plant a tree for every 10GB of ingested data.

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The Open-Source version will always be free and is licensed under the MIT license.


£0 / month

Open-source and always free under the MIT license.

  • Open Source

  • Self-hosted

  • Community support


£5999 / month

Private, and secure-by-design Cloud-based Database and Dashboard.

  • Cloud Based
  • Private Dashboard
  • Microsoft Entra Authentication

  • Monthly Health Checks

  • Unlimited SQL Instances
  • Reviewed by SQL DBA
  • 1 Tree Planted

  • Most popular


£9999 / month / 10GB

24/7 lightweight data collector allows historical analysis of hundreds of metrics.

  • Cloud Based
  • Private Dashboard

  • Microsoft Entra Authentication

  • Weekly Health Checks
  • Unlimited SQL Instances
  • Reviewed by SQL DBA
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • 30 Days Retention
  • 10GB Storage Included

  • 1 Tree Planted



If you require something else or are looking for help with your SQL Servers get in touch to see if we can help you.

SQLWATCH Cloud comes with optional DBA support should you require help with your SQL Servers. Contact us for details.