Monitor and learn SQL Server for free.

Troubleshoot issues at every step of your DevOps pipeline and catch problems before they reach the production environment.

Because every environment is a production environment for someone.

SQLWATCH is an Open Source and completely free SQL Server Monitoring project. The aim is to provide a comprehensive monitoring solution for everyone and for every environment as well as educate about SQL Server management and performance. SQLWATCH is often being used to replace expensive enterprise monitoring or simply to fill the gap and monitor non-production environments such as DEV, TEST, Quality Assurance (QA), to support you and your application from development to production. It can be integrated with DevOps pipelines to consider performance metrics as part of Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) sign-offs.


  • 5 second (configurable) granularity to capture important spikes in your workload.
  • Grafana for real-time dashboarding and Power BI for in depth analysis
  • Minimal performance impact (around 1% on a single core SQL Instance when using broker for invocation).
  • Out of the box collection with minimal configuration required to get it up and running.
  • Extensive configuration available to make it fit into your workload.
  • Zero maintenance. It has been designed to maintain itself.
  • Unlimited scalability. As each instance monitors itself, you are not constraint by the capacity of the monitoring server.
  • Works with all supported SQL Servers (with some limitations on 2008R2)
  • Alerts and integrations (Email, HTTP REST, exec execution based on T-SQL conditions)

Power BI and Grafana Dashboards

  • SQLWATCH 2019 12 07 21 56 52 Home SQLWATCH.IO Free SQL Server Monitoring Framework
  • SQLWATCH WhoIsActive
  • SQLWATCH SQLWATCH locks pages
  • SQLWATCH SQLWATCH data files
  • SQLWATCH_index_stats_beta4
  • SQLWATCH wait stats beta 4
  • SQLWATCH SQLWATCH impact heatmap
  • SQLWATCH SQLWATCH issues spot 2
  • SQLWATCH Blockers
  • SQLWATCH SQLWATCH disk utilisation
  • SQLWATCH image
  • SQLWATCH image
  • SQLWATCH image 2
  • SQLWATCH image 3

Screenshots may represent an earlier release that may differ slightly from the latest release.

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SQLWATCH is 100% free and Open Source. You can get a source code or a compiled release from GitHub.

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