SQLWATCH v2.2 beta 2.2.7275.26487

The latest SQLWATCH 2.2. Beta is now available: https://github.com/marcingminski/sqlwatch/releases/tag/2.2.7275.26487

It can be installed via dbatools using the -PreRelease switch

  • Added Baselines to PowerBI Dashboard so we can see an overlay of performance data from past day, week and month.
  • Added more default Checks
    • Log Growths
    • Errors/sec
    • Logins/sec
    • Page life expectancy
    • Buffer cache hit ratio
    • Memory Grants Pending
    • Memory Grants Outstanding
    • Number of Deadlocks/sec
    • Readahead pages/sec
    • Lock Waits/sec
    • Lock Timeouts/sec
    • Lock Requests/sec
    • Average Wait Time (ms)
    • Page writes/sec
    • Page Lookups Rate
    • Page reads/sec
    • Lazy writes/sec
    • Free list stalls/sec
    • Page Split Rate
    • SQL Re-Compilations Rate
    • SQL Compilations Rate
    • Full Scan Rate
    • Long Running Open Transactions
    • Databases with no LOG backup
    • Databases with no DATA backup
    • Oldest DATA backup (days)
    • Oldest LOG backup (minutes)
    • Database page_verify not CHECKSUM
    • Databases not MULTI_USER
    • Databases not ONLINE
    • Databases with Auto Shrink Enabled
    • Databases with Auto Close Enabled
    • Queued actions have not been processed
    • Checks are failing
    • Check execution time is high
    • One or more disk will be full soon
    • Disk Free % is low
    • Action queue failure rate is high
    • Action queue is high
    • SQL Server Uptime is low
    • CPU utilisation
    • Blocking detected
    • Agent Job failure
  • Added more Action templates
  • Added more Reports
    • Long Open Transactions
    • Missing Log Backup Report
    • Missing Data Backup Report
    • Out of Date Data Backup Report
    • Out of Date Log Backup Report
    • Backup Report
    • Disk Utilisation Report
    • Blocked Processes
    • Agent Job failures
    • Indexes with high fragmentation
      Indexes with high fragmentation
  • Improved error logging for checks and actions
  • Bug fixes
  • Additional PBI dashboard to show Check status and results over time.
  • “Performance Issues” moved from PBI as checks to SQL.
  • Alternative dashboard for disk utilisation
  • Most of the data now exposed via dim and fact views
  • Updated wait stats categories for SQL 2016 as per tiger toolbox and Paul Randal’s recommendation.
  • Excluded idle waits as per tiger toolbox and Paul Randal’s recommendation
  • Added trend tables for Performance Counters with data aggregated over 1 hour and default retention of 2 years.
  • Added missing NOT NULL constraints where appropriate and removed unused columns (this will cause SqlPackage.exe to abort deployment due to potential data loss). Use with /p:BlockOnPossibleDataLoss=FALSE and take backup first.
  • Updated SSIS to reflect changes in the schema
  • Improved XES Blockers collector to reduce number of rows stored. Instead of storing every occurrence of the blocking chain it is now only storing the most recent occurrence.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Exclude DatabaseMail% Application name from long queries as it can hang around for a while every few minutes.
  • Added ability to remove all but most recent snapshot with the retention parameter = -1. This is handy for large collectors such as index stats and histograms.
  • Started capturing basic database options handy for alerting i.e. is OFFLINE, not MULTI_USER,, AUTO_CLOSE on, AUTO_SHRINK on etc
  • PowerBI throws an error when visuals that use R or Python are loaded even though they are not used. In this release unused visuals were removed to avoid such errors.
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Marcin Gminski

Marcin Gminski

Following his degree in Telecommunications Engineering and Information Technology, Marcin has gained over 20 years’ experience and knowledge of the SQL Server administration, E2E performance testing and tuning, database development life cycle covering technical architecture, data analysis, logical and physical design including disaster recovery, specification, coding, implementation and support. Marcin has delivered projects in banking, retail, automotive and medical industries.
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