SQLWATCH 2.0 beta 5

A number of fixes in beta 5, mainly addressed extended events collectors that resulted in no data being shown on the dashboard.

  • fixed Better handling of different collations in job deployment mechanism
  • fixed Address INT2 wait_stats overflow on busy systems. On busy systems the correlation sequence is over smallint allocation (32k).
  • fixed Added missing XES collection steps to the performance collector job. Some collectors were not running Beta 4.
  • fixed Better handling of empty wait_info recordset for default system_health session. Collection would fail if there was no recorded waits in the default session.
  • fixed Improved deployment of multi-step jobs.
  • fixed Added index stats collector step to the index collector job.
  • changed The whoisactive job is now deployed disabled by default. This is to enable users to choose what they would like to collect rather than collecting everything by default especially that Extended events sessions already collect most of the data.
  • new feature Added default filter on whoisactive collector to only collect sessions lasting over 15 seconds. This is configurable as a parameter in the procedure. This is to prevent whoisactive collecting all sessions with every run by default.

Getting started with beta 5

All of the changes are in the database. Please update database form the DacPac, VS Project or with dbatools.

The were no changes to the dashboard.

Install beta with dbatools

You can now install SQLWATCH beta or upgrade to the beta releases with dbatools using the -PreRelease switch:

PS C:\> Install-DbaSqlWatch -SqlInstance server1 -PreRelease

New documentation portal

New portal is now available at https://docs.sqlwatch.io and is based on GitHub repository which means it can be maintained by the community.

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Marcin Gminski

Marcin Gminski

Following his degree in Telecommunications Engineering and Information Technology, Marcin has gained over 20 years’ experience and knowledge of the SQL Server administration, Data Migrations, E2E performance testing and tuning, database development life cycle covering technical architecture, data analysis, logical and physical design including disaster recovery, specification, coding, implementation, and support. Marcin has delivered data migration projects in banking, retail, automotive and medical industries.
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