Getting started with SQLWATCH

SQLWATCH is completely free and Open Source SQL Server Monitor with real-time alerting. It can be installed in many ways including a one-liner command that deploys the entire solution, configuration, sets agent jobs and everything that is required for SQLWATCH to work and fully customisable Visual Studio Project Deployment.

Install using dbatools

The easiest way to install SQLWATCH is to use dbatools. For those not familiar with dbatools, it is a fantastic PowerShell Framework for SQL Server Professionals with over 500 commands. I highly recommend it for anyone dealing with SQL Server.

Install-DbaSqlWatch -SqlInstance SQLSERVER1,SQLSERVER2,SQLSERVER3 -Database SQLWATCH

The Install-DbaSqlWatch  was designed for unattended multi-server installations. It will download the latest release and unpack it, including the Power BI dashboard, into its own temporary directory.

Find out more…

Check our documentation for requirements, architecture and other methods to install SQLWATCH

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