Last modified on 15th February 2019

Deploying from Visual Studio

This option requires that you get a copy of the entire Visual Studio Solution. preferably you will fork our repository and check out on your local PC.

Open solution in Visual Studio and go to Build in the main menu and select Publish SQLWATCH:

SQL Deploy SQLWATCH Visual Studio

Next, set connection to your SQL Server where you would like to deploy it:

SQL Deploy SQLWATCH Visual Studio Register DACPAC

You can track progress in the Output pane:

SQL Deploy SQLWATCH Visual Studio

Make sure you tick “Register as a Data-tier Application” in the Publish Database Options. This will make an entry in the msdb.dbo.sysdac_instances which will allow you to see which version is installed.
select * 
from msdb.dbo.sysdac_instances 
where database_name = 'SQLWATCH'