Last modified on 9th October 2018



  • Performance tweaks in [dbo].[ufn_time_intervals]


  • [fixed] issue #47

  • [added] interrogate system_health extended event session to get information about long waits including query text, workers and long io requests.
  • [added] new snapshot (6) for query text with default 3-day retention
  • [added] new performance dashboard with lots of new tabs: Query statistics, memory, database performance, logical file performance, logical disk performance and generic performance counter analyser

  • [removed] dacpac from branches. these are binary files causing merge problems. dacpacs are now available in releases.

v.1.2.6841.38712 (2018-09-24)

  • [fixes] #52 hardcoded database name in one of the job steps breaking deployment via
  • [fixes] #53 missing snapshot_type_id = 3 causing PK violation.

v1.1.6833.36316 (2018-09-17)

  • [added] new PowerBI dashboard to monitor disk utilisation
  • [added] Win32_Volume logging via PowerShell
  • [added] [dbo].[ufn_time_intervals] to address poor performance of time interval generation
  • [removed] setup.sql as no longer supported
  • [fixed] sp_spaceused logging pre SQL2016 (the @oneresultset problem)

v1.0 Initial release